Oohh, yeah, Oh yeah baby ohhGirl don’t lie, know where you been last nightThought
I’m so glad you’re in my lifeBut sometimes I sit and wonderWhat would my
Oohh, yes, ooohhhh,yeahhhh, mmmmm, yeahhhAny minute now you’ll be walking out your doorWith that
Alone,that’s how it wasWhen you said you didn’t love meAnd you needed someone else. Every
Funny it seems just like yesterdayThat I was a fool afraid to let true
Hey love how you’ve beenSo good to see you againYou’re just as fine as
Yeah, oh yeah, baby we haven’t known each other longBut what I feel inside
So you say you’re leaving you’re out of hereNot gonna wait for the next
I can’t stand this living all aloneThe one I used to call my ownPacked