Im not alone anymore今君がいるそれだけで戦った日々の先に掴んだものが輝くYou must go at onceThere is no time to wasteうつむいてる暇なんてないのさWelcome to
Dont wanna think about youIt may be too lateIt may be too lateDont wanna
Youre luckyIm luckyこれが Summer time chill outLost my mindLost myself夢のプールに水がないSurf the netiPhone をフリックする Summer
FallingFalling downFeelingSomething is wrongI wonder if this is realI wanna drink some waterGet dizzyThis
Wake me up!!!アーベントロートアフターグロウ映し出されたアシンメトリーモルゲンロート蜃気楼消える前にそのままでいてレインドロップあの夜のようそっと寝るあの日のようWake me up!!!パーヘリアたなびいた覚えのある匂いがしたビーナスベルト淡くて霞む街の灯り君と消えるレインドロップあの夜のようそっと寝るあの日のようWake me up with your kissLonely night
Close your eyes and concentrateThe enemy is myselfBreak the boxAnd be proudThe battle is
NoI cant wait no morePlease dont go awayYou make me happyAll I want is
Queen of the nightシナリオの愛忘れ去られていくQueen of the lightHe left me for another girlジャスミンが朝日を浴び夜に咲くQueen of the
Every day is like a dreamTime passes quicklyIf you have time to look back
Happysadテープを切るBrand new sun makes me happyHappysadシャッターを切るBrand new moon makes me sadI wanna see your
Tell me why?Who am I?What did I do wrong?When I try to recallI can
Down down down the sun goes downSometimes I feel sentimentalI remember a long time
Memories makes me wanna go backI dont wanna be thereEverything drives me crazyI dont
Dont ask whyJust feel itI knew it allThat you were lyingPlease dont cryIm here
The flowerIts called ”Precocious Brat”This street makes us growOne after oneAnd then I leave
I could not touch youWhy do you drift away from me?Although you might not
I wander in darknessLook up to the skyClose my eyesAnd I think of youAt