Red eyed lover in flashThe floor is soaked with feeling I used to knowIm
When the room is filled with usWere just fallingThe thought you have told mein
People asked me if I have a crownAnd fingers with carmine gems on silver
Walk me as you hide your eyesIn our life, the light has been goneTender
All these days and nightsWill we ever get to know a single thing behind?Gold
Last nightyou burned down the whole world to prove that you are rightHold tightits
Im a chain made of circled thoughtsIm a chained dog howled for the faded
Hold on, dear consciousnessWeave your lucky charm before you goEvery knot, every threadTold you
I dont know how we got hereThese submerged days are lostYouve never told me
Why do we need it?Why do we need the love?We have different loveWhy do