Highlander (feat. Kamei) – Yackle

All this time I felt in pain
Even the safe place in my brain
Could be acquired as real estate
I don’t know who the fuck to blame
My situation is always that insane
But I’m here to stay
Craving my shit on this place
Fast pace
Feeling in a race
Strong zero everyday
Take the blood spray
Cause my life I’ll illustrate today ay

Look at wrist and you know I’m clean
I’m not to flex but I love this shit
People be willing to get a feat
Every minute I take a sip
New sip
My crib
Nice hip
No shit
More shit
My shit
Everything for this shit

I put a bullet in your third eye
If you envision my past life
Bygones be bygones right

Living like a highlander
Ignoring all the emendas
Looks like a Romero movie
Known space flatlander
Everything works on paper
But life as I remember
At night with a black hoodie
Is not as easy as big data
So I grab the rolling paper
Haters hate my traditions
Brave and relaxed fat soldier
To protect from coalition
It’s always your own people
It’s not as easy as my people
I need time to stay simple
I need time to think simple

I need to rap my soul
To feel alive again
I need to find a home
Where I don’t feel in pain