Welcome to my world!Lets go happiness search.It is OK if there is lie into
Make it to the good sideLeave it to me終わりのない this way変わりのない日々 様々が今でも one side そこらに満載 どうしようもないNo
“You are more mature”“I must ask you to do me a favor”A huge amount
Good morning Cheeky! Whats up?How many times have I gone up this hill until
I longed to be like NobunagaIn those days, I was dyed grayAnd I was...and
日々に Grayキミに BreakI wanna be your man一途に LoveNever-ending light... A day in the sunIt
My thoughts were harder than diamondsMy aim was frailer than glassThey crumbled away too
Theres a paradise...And therere parasitesFinally I receiveda magic box todayWent straight to open it.A
Im not good at history classIm not good at learning languagesEverything is going badIm
This is the place I love bestBut I dont know the nameThe wind is
If you cant go to the west, you gotta go to the eastIf thats
I will never freeze upNothings gonna change my mindCause you always turn your eyes
Have you made up your mind?What is missing?What do you need?Im heading there nowYou
You always analyze everything firstYou only sing meaningless songsYou always start making a big
あてになんてしてないPromise of No.9It is important promise.秘密の場所ならYou and I laughed over night.明けの明星を待ちCan I play freely
You are a surfing fish.The wave waits for you.“Freedom”is that ocean.The wave waits for
イワン木にブロンズストーン波際にありたまにビスケットShall we go日曜日いつでもfreedomPlease tell me where?Bay citys Sundays.2 mountainにniceスタイル砂浜にありこの楽園にはありえないtell a lie.いいメロディーが潤うならかなりねIt feels so goodかなりねマジで上に上へI
Sail in blueWhats the matter?Its getting better“Tell me how to flee”...?To be honest,if you
Can I enjoy myself?Can I have confidence?I want to begin anyhow!Are some found?Is nothing
Ive known for many years that the day will be hereI was wishing the
We wait for your sign.What are you doing now?This is a later letter.I was
Are you drum setting okay?Cmon lets startIs the bass volume okay?Cmon lets startIs the
Obtain new freedomTimes change like a roller coasterWe learn boredom everyday in order to
I wanna go even if I stumble on a stoneI wanna go even if
Try holding hands with the sound in front of you.Well get aroundWell get her
Let me see...Its up to youNow, your name is“A”Its time to climb the wall
I picked up an unusual object on my way coming back to youIt was
One day I went to the seaI came across youYou came across meSunday I
His name is Mr.PetersonFrom an ordinary village, hes 38The guy stays awake for 48As
Adding a little milk to my coffee as usualAnd suddenly I ask my heart“What