Were in the van which is full of garbage from 6000 miles awayThe music
Ask me it was 10 years ago…
Remember why you are hereYou have spent lots of time so farI think you
This stains wont come outThe impurities was meWhen I walked along the circle I
Youve changedThese is no one have an urgeWhere did you put the pride which
I got finished the work quickly, and hurried back to homeI looked sideways worn
We were born in a different places and lived in a differentenvironmentWe overcame so
Do you know how I feel when I was waiting for you?Lots of things
No worriesI wont let you downIm not going anywhereIve been waiting for you hereI
So many people who laugh from boring talkThey keep laughing one after anotherThey talk
I wanted to share a stage someday since when I listened to yourvoice for
I deeply regret alwaysOh gosh tell me whyI rub my drowsy eyes many timeAnd
Im completely addictedI found myself that I walk toward thereI trouble nobodyThis world always
Ive always just thought in my headI dont do anythingI dont open the mouthThis
Ill say good-byeYoure goneIll never want to shed tearsAs you did it, I want