I just wanna dance the night the night awayGo ahead and make my day
I give you my heartHold on, let me sign itYour senorita a.k.a. your best
Boy you make it hardYou make it hard to leaveYou make it hardYou’re no
Tell me what is on your mindHelp me ‘cause I’d like to knowWhat the
How can I put this, aye aye ayeI’m an independent woman, ayeI’ve been crying
Hello, my name is Utada, like ladi dadi dadi daFor your information, I am
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey HeyI wanna see the bottles poppin’Hey Hey Hey HeyI
There’s something that’s beenGrowing inside of meI haven’t been myselfSince we met last week When
The rain falls on my windowsAnd a coldness runs through my soulAnd the rain
Everyday my life’s in shamblesSince you took your love awayI got nothing left to
Everybody wants me to be their angelEverybody wants something they can cradleThey don’t know
I still remember the ways that you touched meNow I know I don’t mean
I was dancing with a dirty blond TexanCharming accent but the music’s playing too
Every time I think about youHeaven knows I fall into a grooveYou’re like a
She rises with the sunsetShe wonders,“When will this end?”The world is full of money,
Somebody out there better get thisNot many people can do it like thisHow about
All along I was searching for my LenoreIn the words of Mr. Edgar Allan
I don’t wanna crossoverBetween this genre, that genreBetween you and I is whereI wanna
I really wanna tell you somethingThis is just the way I amI really wanna
Late at night I think about you sometimesI don’t cry, I wonder if you’re
My baby, there’s something you should knowAbout me, before you proposeAlthough we have known
What a day, young boy next door passed awayOh it makes me wanna sayI
With you these streets are heavenNow home feels so foreignThey told me I was