Ripping them away these wings of mineFalling from the skyBlack rain erodesCrawling beneath me Tears
Gasping for air no chance to breathe inClouds of dust spiraling aroundA garden blooming
遡る物語いつしか人々の血となり肉となる雨を降らせと今願えども 広がる空には欠片もない Black star of dawn you set the freeWings of white approachingThey sing melodies of
1 AM, here comes that noise againSomething is happening now, something is happening nowThe
一つ、自由の正当化一つ、違う者への差別化依存するビジョン不信で霧がかる Cheating certaintyPreaching meaningless words of delusionTrust is to naiveMy mind won’t fall for the
Steady the flames burning from the torchLight us through the darkest stormsWater untouched so
Taken by the sinking blue,gotta understand hatred to understandtrue meanings of love Does not end
Your lips dehydrated and your blood flows belowThe voices of your hatred keep ringing
Poor people in the land of dust, the superiors trample onArriving in a frightening,
偽りのベールを纏った 今はまだ悟られないように12回目の鐘が響く叶わないと知りながら海の深くへ1分が1秒に過ぎた It’s not me, not me, like a stranger on your eyesFeels like go on
Come and go, this crowd of peopleSky peeking from in between the buildingsEven the