Don’t try to play the musicJust let the music play you! I let the music
Ground Control to Major TomGround Control to Major TomTake your protein pills and put
I’m lying in the darklooking at the starsVisions kiss my mindI want you all
Back in the days when I was a teenagerBefore they made Rhymester or Microphone
I can’t get no satisfactionI can’t get no satisfaction‘Cause I try and I try
Just a glance from behindHappened by chance or designThe perfume she woreTook me back
Some say that we’re recklessThey say we’re much too youngTell us to stop before
Shadows falling, baby, we stand aloneOut on the street anybody you meetgot a heartache
I never meant to cause you any sorrowI never meant to cause you any
Dance me to your beauty with a burning violinDance me through the panic till
I’m up on the tight wireone side’s ice and one is fireit’s a circus