Everyday I lied to youI don’t wanna do this anymoreNobody wants me(all over and
Right here, right nowWe are ready for the“DISCO”Right here, right nowAre you ready for
Do the right thing Sometimes you have to do the things you don’t wanna doBut
Give me fiveIt’s such a beautiful dayShow me your smileI know, you’re clumsy Time went
I promiseI won’t let you downI’ll never get hangovers again You mean so much to
Beautiful girlYour eyes like a shining starBeautiful boyDon’t close your mind Beautiful dayWe’re going anywhereYou
Wake up! The future starts today, not tomorrowIt’s a trash You are stuck in your glory
Go and fightThis is the startTried and triedI don’t wanna cryDo it all the
I’m sorryno cryno cryI wanna be your herodon’t worrylet’s try and tryI wanna be
fly againstay awayswim in the seaand watch the sky under the moonshinin’ sunat the world’s
stand up!I’m ready to startOh no, where do I go?sun’s up!if you feel lowyou
from you to me, from me to youlife is beautifulcelebrate the sunwe’re living on
every time I try to say…ahevery time you try to flyahummmI’m fallingI fall downdon’t
you are my girlmy girlyou can sleep in my armsyou are a liara liaryou
hey you!!!dance and singhey you!!!come with mehey you!!!dance and singhey you!!!come with me and
no no nodon’t talk about ityes yes yesalways keep the faithno no noI’m gonna
can you hear my voice?the people are standing in lineI sing about a lovebut
deep breathingshadows fall apartget out of the dark and into the lightthere’s no time
you’re God’s childwhere are you now?I’m looking for youI can’t findbut I knowI knowyou
lalalalalalalalalalife goes on, everyone knows yeahgagagagagagagagagabut I don’t wanna knowI’ll always need something newdon’t
kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss meI get what you wantlove me love
the time is shortmaybe I should try it nownobody con’t supportmaybe you should try
the way back homethe sunlight unchained this moonlightpray for somethingeven God doesn’t know all
get your hands up!you’re part of the sound tonightevery Saturday night I find new
you’re just a pretty girland you don’t have money and dreamyou’re just a pretty
D.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!!D.A.N.C.E to the music!!! ride on timeride on musicD.A.N.C.E to the telephones!!! D.A.N.C.Eso,
a good braina man from Spaineverything’s gonna changeyou don’t know why first lanelife is paineverything’s
she makes a hopeless junkthere’s no way outhe’s like a hopeless drunkthere’s no way
dance and jumpwe are the telephonessing, sing alongand clap and smilingso,we are very happycome
“can’t stop!”we rock the unknown crowd“can’t stop!”I’m gonna be crazy now“can’t stop!”I’m boredand very