Got no one confides in me(I’m not going to hide away)My eyes can see
I hear a frying soundIs that me and your fried chicken?It’s about time, are
僕の話を聞いてくれ 笑いとばしてもいいからブルースにとりつかれたら チェインギャングは歌いだす仮面をつけて生きるのは 息苦しくてしょうがないどこでもいつも誰とでも 笑顔でなんかいられない 人をだましたりするのは とってもいけないことですモノを盗んだりするのは とってもいけないことですそれでも僕はだましたり モノを盗んだりしてきた世界が歪んでいるのは 僕のしわざかもしれない 過ぎていく時間の中で ピータ
Wash out!Every stain you’ve gotWash out!Every complaintAnybody knows everybody hurtsNo one really knows just
When you’re out of controlComplete outta controlI can feel, I can feel then go
Tell me, what is going onI know, everyone divides Tell me, what you’re hiding fromThough
Baby, maybeI’ve been struggling something easyLady, maybeI’ve been doing too much loosely Let me hear
今日も俺は向かってる目指す駅は海浜幕張ピンストライプに着替えたら行くぜlet’s go俺たちのマリーンズ! 月曜日は試合がないから鉄アレイの鉄男君と前田さんにあこがれて行くぜ1.2今日も元気にプッシュアップ! おかげで見た目はこんなにマッチョ!っでも、、足は割と細いぜ 細いという字で思い出したけど今夜は打つかな細谷君 夏がくる 窓を開けて蝉の声を 聴いてみよう 夏がくる 網戸ないよ吸血鬼に 血吸わ
You think like thisWasting my time and messed aroundAnd I dismissedAmassing fortunes abandoned ‘Cos I’m
Nothing to be scared of, there is nothing to be frightEverybody don’t know how
I don’t believe the world is brokenTill my eyes go come awakenWhy d’you
This is all I’ve ever gotBut this is all I ever wantI never need
I bet Ray Charles start this perfect phraseHe was making everybody crazeDance around(Life is
Remember when the saints go marchin’ downTo the city where we belongEveryone was full
Oh have you ever tried to sell your soulfor givin’ someone major rolesIf you
Every summer I long for winter days(Sunshine is better)Fun to ride a one horse
Nothing goodHas been happened each and everydayAm I healthy? wealthy? They’re fading awayStill so
Rapid fire, shooting me, Rapid fireTarget you!Rapid fire, bulletting me, Rapid fireTarget you! The age
In the wall, in the wall, in the wall after all….. In the wall, in
I was born, Center of nowhereWhere nothing had happenedAnd it’s still going, nothing ever
Sing to the worldWhatever happens to the worlds todaySing to the worldNo matter how
You’re spoofing someone elseYou’re stealing someone elseYou’re trying to be a(Nasty masquerade) You’ll hide in
Why is everybody getting ignored(Tell me what it’s for)Now this is kind of war Why
My eyes are opened with the morning light(What the fuck is that?)I hear the
I try to recall (days!)Every time that she’sDown on the knees and wiping all
There was an asylumOutside of the townSomebody brought me downDidn’t know nothing at all Man
(No, I don’t wanna be)Like anybody with no view (No, I don’t wanna be)Like anybody
Welcome to practical nightmaresHopelessly confusing, explodingYou can get options up thereHow about frustrations, violations? How
Saint wars begin again!I need to tell youSaint wars begin again!I need to tell
I’ve found out where I’m goingTill (I) die (for)Love (and) hate (for) you (and)