Don’t be afraid
Even if darkness fills the neighborhood
I’ll be there
I’m the light that shines on your way
No more cry
Let me feel your kindness and lovely smile
Call my name
Wherever you are, I’ll find you right away

There’s not always only one answer
Everyone search it night and day

Don’t look back
Let’s walk facing forward one step at a time
I’ll be there
You have your love and many friends

A life is full of ups and downs
I always sing a song gently by your side

Brave new world
The longest journey begins
with a smile and the single first step
Take your time
The road goes to where
there must be a wonderful day

Brave new world
Today is the first day
It is the same thing for me too
Take your time
May your future be blessed and bright!
I can only pray

Everything is gonna be OK
Welcome to the brave new world
Everything is gonna be alright