I remembered when they told you that you had to leave it outThat the
Don’t be afraidEven if darkness fills the neighborhoodI’ll be thereI’m the light that shines
Fight for your life at anytimeYou should do what you can do nowFight for
Is it really what I want?I’m just sick of my lifeAm I wasting my
Loud sound that reverberatesMany birds fly awayThere’s nothing to worry aboutHang in there today! Little
What color are your eyes?Brown or blue? There are many typesAll you see are
Tell me what you sayNo, no, I am very worriedCan you change this world?No,
How many times I repeat the same thing?All I want is satisfactionI’ll begin a
I need somebodyWho confined me here?The jailer has gone alreadyNobody is thereLet’s beat on
Take me back to dreamland Turn the lights outIt’s like I’m having a nightmareI cannot
I’m so busy with hard work everydayBut, I’m enjoying my lifeI don’t want a
Under the skyWe had a chart spread out on the tebleThe day to say
Hey! Look straight aheadHey! No time to cryNothing is wasteful for our livesIt’s a