on the veranda – the perfect me

I talked about newspaper
(He said)
“Everyone will come back.
Anyway I’ll be waiting
at the party tonight”
“Of course I will (go)”

He is a great professor
very gentlemanly,
lives in an apartment,
it’s a baroque style
Dressed people are crowded
in every room
Table with wine glasses,
silver forks and knifes.
(The) chair is also gorgeous.

(He) brought me the main dish
I ate and said
“What a delicious dish!
What kind of meat?”
“This is rabbit garantine”

I talked about news paper
(He said)
“Everyone will come back”
“I hope that everyone will be found soon.
Anyway I wanna eat
that dish again”
“I’m grad you liked it.
I caught last night
(so) I can make fresh
Would you like to come?”
I was pleased and said
“Of course I will (go)”