any hunter can be pauland fall asleep so long time can we hunt sheep with
I felt it in your mindIt was no heat and no cold dreamy and softlyso
escape from north island88′ swallowHe’s chased by the Condorand the hellhoundIt’s getting on, getting
Lady, It’s the story for one dreamYou conformed to a better typeFine, I show
Into your mysteryI wantgood one… The dream can’t slideDark coffee I wantDark one… the green paste
Ways were few and tightWe never told that for Great were few and farWe never
I talked about newspaper(He said)“Everyone will come back.Anyway I’ll be waitingat the party tonight”“Of
seems like a smokepassing through sunrooffrom my eyes out side men with dog face arefighting
Iron heart and tieI live in rolling crushed timeI am sorry manevery morning kills
I got music (dance)Stay for enchanted timeWe are a short lifeI lay down on
This is the worldsay High-Five We think the same thingI was a rude, meanness, and
色事も飯事も三三日は過ぎたら話し方二つでは幼子の様此夏の惚れ火照さに見初めただけなんて片腹もいわせないことはそうそう 肌けた八も九も蕩と忘れたなんてね涙も訊かずに鳴らぬ喉は詰まらないの甘さにかまけて 二羽の雀も白けた石も知れた言葉さえ眠って二羽の雀も白けた髪も知らない言葉で話して 悲哀も仕事なれば合歓木を手向けて話し方一つでも見惚れるのに真冬はつとめたとて冷たい暗闇に片足も癒せないことはそうそう 曝けた八
I wanna start huntingMe and you andYou are eating some eggs some sausage I wanna
we say goodbye and hugthat split timeyou won3 second was notbut it is enough