Originally, human beings are made for adjusting to the law of nature.
Insects, plants, animals…
The symbolic figure by God’s creation made the world.
I put my ear on the ground and hear it. We return to the nature
like melting into the faint breath of the land.
Essentially, we don’t need the shape or figure.
The floating souls change to the rain and become blessings.
We are looking for vessels to prove our existence.
Creation is made from death and regeneration.
We will breathe again in the nature when the moon takes you back.
The views seen before, the sounds heard before, the familiar friends.
Life goes around to make a circle.
The same life has been repeated for many times, but the regenerated
lives mean something and have progress in every reincarnation.
What was what we couldn’t achieve 4.6 billion years ago?
We are not living by ourselves but the destiny
that has been brought leads us and makes us live.
Everyone knows the respect for this nature.
The end of life is coming up every second.
The only thing the chosen human beings are given
is the object and mission to believe in in a certain amount of time.
Where do you purify your soul in?
The fates we have to achieve certainly affect the world.
Let’s talk to you in the hereafter about how you do and did.
Now it’s time.
Beyond the glaring light, there is a darkness like an illusion.