Well, its all about itYou knowHunger is a way of my lifeAn empty feeling
Just a bit too perfectWell Im a bit too brokenYoure bit too slippery to
Three thousand miles awayIn an old laundromatFacing a red brick wallWeathered and baked by
Here in this silenceFlowers are bloomingAn easy way to goThat everyone will gois not
When the rain starts fallingAnd the night gets dark enoughGlow the living lightsOf the
Now Its all greenSummers on the wayNo regrets, noIm breaking out of itA thing
Crowds streaming out of the subwaySomeone has shoved me backwardsHes sining out of his
When the time has come to goNo more hope of a returnHave only just
The leaves are falling where I am todayJust saw you on the moning showIm
Do you remenber how beautiful it wasWhen we got lost walking homeAnd found our
Keep holding onYou said to meIll breath out all my sinRedeem all ignoranceApprentice disqualifiedPercentile
Deep into the mazeLong lost in my minds vaultUnseal the casketTo save my saviorI
I got to beat it into my head nowWay down, hallucinateThis fire may not
I wake up from a nightmareWhere we had our best daysAnd wonder where it
So shut your mouthAnd let me drive down to the nightIts coming down to
You make it sound as if I care, care, careCare at allMake a deal
Dead in the waterAddressed in a mannerSo full of agonyNot much of a storyCan
Antibiotic meNo ones making sense todayDissuade me of this notionCreeps through my head in
Enclose my notes of remembranceCast these lines which intertwineYou make me feel so many
And I get caught up in the thirstLooks like Im diving in headfirstSlip in
When I woke up next to youYou told me I was like sunset lightWhat
The year I was bornThe Vietnam war came to an end‘Time for liberationThat was
I never thought Id see this dayI never knew I was strong enough to
In a bit of clear-cut momentsBetween drunk and stonedFeeling Im a failure for all
Just dont mind Youll be fineDont be a stranger Im always hereJust dont mind
No one recognizes usWe dont have no worriesNo better place to hideTomorrow its gonna
Ive been horse riding as when I was youngerI shouldve talked about itYou would
Always blindJustice is notAlways blindMan is notDance to your own freedomSmile for what you