Youre talking in my head.Youre talking in my head.Its running inside my brain.Shut up
I dont remember what you said.I dont remember what I said.I think we talked
Hello.Im so sick.And its enough to dance.Im running out of time tonight.But its not
Still there?Are you still there for me?I cant give it up.But I know its
When I tell yousomething you dont wanna hear.You turn around and around.But.Hey, look me
Count three.Hide away from the street.No need rush.You can count it up again.Everybody runs.But
I can find the love in every word you say.But you dont know that.I
Youll find nothing in my heart.Sorry I m losing myself.Over and over,Youve made a
You might wanna sayTheres nothing to hide yourselfThis night is gently srounding youBut you
You believed something I hadBut I think Im loosing thatDont tell meYoure gone awayDays
I found myself standing on this road againShould I find my way back to
I dont know why you can live with the peoplePeople around youThey hurt youBut
show you how I know you.I show you how I fall.I show you how
AndAnother day has gone for nothingI heard somebodys laghing out sideIt anoyed meBut,This time
You make me feelLike holding onto your handIm calling you from empty spaceJust a
I sawI saw you were not smiling at allIt was notIt was not like