Always thinking about the time when we get olderHaving secrets just because we wanna
ドアを開けてくれるかな今夜の君はきれいだMaybe this is where the story startsMaybe this is where it shinesBaby this is
Lights lights lightsUp in the sky, in the middle of nightLights lights lightsLights so
Start to listen, just start to liveThis isnt your love song to chase away
The more youre closer to the endThe more you start to understand数え切れないほど増えてゆく後悔The more you
全ての終わりが来た時一人じゃないように旅路の始まりの君を忘れないように明日が怖くて眠れない長い夜Its okay, its okay 目を閉じてもうこれ以上ここには何もないから迷わずに… 進むずいぶん歩いて来た 一息休もう果てしのない未来 正しい道を祈るIts okay, its okay 目を覚ましてもうこれ以上ここで迷わなくていい彷徨わずに目の前にある明日へこれからもきっと進む朝が来る
No one ever told you it was easyAnd I dont know where I got
If only we can be as simple as our favorite songs againIf only we
Today is just like any other dayTell me something that wont fleet awayOh, theres
さまよい続けて知らない街へ舗道に映る はぐれた小さな雲答えのない夢 心は夕暮れAlways always間違いも全て自分で選んできた道のはずだろう掴めば消えそうな光の破片を握り締めて飛び込んだそれぞれ迷い道の上出逢えた意味があるならIts alright as long as we just keep on moving振り返らずに進もう夜明けの星空 君に重ねた語り合って笑えたらいいのにな視界を
Time is passing as were speakingSo what are we waiting for tonight?Were getting closer