Twist and shoutGet a little crazyDo your danceLet me call you babyFull moons outGet
I wanna go, wanna go, wanna go back aroundPlay it loud for the crowdI
Why cant you see?I just want to be freeJust leave me aloneBecause baby, you
You better get out the wayOh, unless you wanna playAll the love is goneThe
1-2-3Its time for you and meDo-Re-MiLets make a melodyA-B-CIts easy, cant you see?Come on
Baby I know its four in the morningIm calling you cause you might be
Dont wanna be all rightBaby turn off the lightsSet my soul on fireIm gonna
Babe, you know that Im your homeWhen you come backWhen you come back to
You got so many optionsYou dont know what to doBaby you need to take
If you want to go, baby give me some more timeIll show you what
Shes my girl, shes my loverShe might step on my blue suede shoesBut shes
I wanna hold you and tell you I love youOh its a sunny dayYou
Oh baby cant you seeYou got me feelinfreeYou better let me beYoure never gonna
You really gat meThe way you shake that thing babyYou really gat meThe way
Dont you know I love you babyCmon baby, my little JoeSo please love me
Oh,babyI fell in love with youIll never ever let you goHold me, babyLet me
Hey Hey little girl, I love the way you talkCome on little baby, you
Im not gonna fake itI know this could be the last timeOh I can
Cmon baby show meThe best you can doIll show all my love to youCause
I want to tell you about a danceThats going aroundIll show you the moveCmon
Girl you think youve had loving,Girl you think youve had fun,Girl you aint a
Hit the road Jack and dont you come backNo more, no more, no more,
Oh baby, all we gotta do is danceSing it, all we gotta do is
Its easy to talk bad about what others doHow does it feel when they
What am I going to doIt makes me mad, hey! Somebody!I dont know the
Push a little harderThink a little deeperYou can make it if you tryGotta keep
I think of you every morningDream of you every nightI love the way you
Baby, Im foolJust a fool in love with youOh, Im in love, Im in
Movin, groovingDont let nobody hold me backI got it, I got itI got it,
Dancin to the music, babyWanna take you higherDancin to the beat, babyYou wanna get