Girl you think youve had loving,Girl you think youve had fun,Girl you aint a
Hit the road Jack and dont you come backNo more, no more, no more,
Oh baby, all we gotta do is danceSing it, all we gotta do is
Its easy to talk bad about what others doHow does it feel when they
What am I going to doIt makes me mad, hey! Somebody!I dont know the
Push a little harderThink a little deeperYou can make it if you tryGotta keep
I think of you every morningDream of you every nightI love the way you
Baby, Im foolJust a fool in love with youOh, Im in love, Im in
Movin, groovingDont let nobody hold me backI got it, I got itI got it,
Dancin to the music, babyWanna take you higherDancin to the beat, babyYou wanna get
Dealers keep dealinThieves keep thievinWhores keep whorinJunkies keep scorinTrade is on the meat rackStrip
Too late babeIts too late babeIts too late to cryIts too late babeNo sad
One rainy day, I got up earlyNothing to do, just feeling lazyI was waiting
Talk to me, baby Ill let you knowCome with me, Ill never say noJust
Everyday sitting in the corner seatEveryday, you wont even look at meI wanna say
On this joyful Christmas early morninOh, oh, oh, oh, everybodys singingAnd the snowman someone
I wanna love youCause babe youre like a shining starWhatever you doDont leave me
When I woke up this morningOh, I-I was feeling fineI opened the windowAnd I
Hot and heavy summer nights, Im fineLooking for a girl to spend some timeEverythings
Nobody knows where to goOh oh oh ohBut dont let it stop your flowOh
I dont need nobody to save my soulLivin on the edge, me and youWeve
Oh the nighttime its the right timeOh the nighttime its the right timeOh the
I heard youve got a new boyfriendYoure a liar, Youre a cheaterHey (hey) Hey
I wont, I wont, I wont get in my wayIn the club, gonna dance,
I cant stand upnothing on my own faithyou knew a little girlshe lost on
Little bitty pretty one, I miss youEvery minute that Im away from youLovey dovey
She said,“Shouldnt you stop drinking every night?”You know what I needI cant stop drinking
Every time you sayYou need to get awayFar away from your situationJust get up
No way!Oh, dont want you no moreOh, dont want you no moreHey! Im talking
Youve been running so long you cant run any moreYou gotta get away but