Wave creates equation. Live ideates mutation.Orb creates distortion. Ive be caught rotation.
(Calling? Calling? Calling from where?)(Calling... Someone. Calling to where?)Im calling. (Calling?)Application calls your mind.(Versification
Now, my eyes are blinded with cloud.All things feel too far and too near.Im
How to understandUncertainty principle.I want to believethe future hasnt been decided.Even the smallestparticles has
Theme RunConnect to Archive, Magus Mode...Connection, Archive, Magus Mode...Luxuria. Ira. Invidia. Alchemic.Aacedia. Gula. Superbia.Connection,
cubic futurismo...The innovative preference,Its logical conclusion.A self-contained ideal.Femme Fatale whom you draw.Two- dimensional thinking,I
Bakabon-Bon…“Cest la vie.”Bakabon-Bon BAKA-BONSOIR!“Bonsoir.”Agree & Disagree, Schrodingers cat is laughing.There is no observer. After