Watch Out! (English Ver.) – TANAKA ALICE

Straight out from the city T.O.K.Y.O.
Ginza, Omotesando we call that home
Bang bang, I’m locked in,
Bang on that Bitch, Bang on that Bitch
Bang on that Bitch

Im the Original, Miss sekai yo
Sucka MC, don’t take me light, I’ll steal the show
Bang bang, I’m locked in,
Bang on that bitch, bang on that bitch
Bang on that bitch.

Senior, senoritas, bitches and bad boys
My kiss I’m blowing at yah, but hold it back boy
Yeah I need a bad boy, a boujee boujee bad boy,
Don’t need to hold my bag
But you paying for the tab boy

I’m the mass innovator, that’s me T.A.
I need a bad ass, Obochama get out my way

If you can’t handle, don’t come my way, a man boy,
is what I need, your out, cause another man can handle

Hating me, because I got different look yeah,
I don’t give a damn, I live my life in“Free style”
Eh dont mess with me, I think you better step to the side,
I just do what I wanna do, take this bullshit back to your life

Po Po Po, I see a little Ponkasu and I see another punk ass
Po Po Po, chee chee papa chee papa

I’m in the house role model Barbie
Feeling notorious, I’m wearing new Versace
These spams from Rayban, I’m gettin’ all day
It’s like who the fuck is sending this
unsubscribe me
I’m the original call me T.A.
He say she say, flying high like I’m a C.A.
Staring at me like I’m just a pretty face
But been laughing at yah, cause already I won this race.
LV cut it up like you was Dapper Dan
Try to bring it back but it really looks like trash.
You the type who running there mouth, is that a lapel,
Silly ho, i see you dressing yourself with fake Channel
What you talking about
What you talking about
Bitch don’t kill my vibe, can’t imagine
Selling out like y’all
Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada,
Gucci Gucci, muri, muri, Shut up punk mutha

Po Po Po, I see a little Ponkasu and I see another punk ass
Po Po Po, chee chee papa chee papa

Wanna be like Candice and not a Kardashian,
Though I like to wear Adidas,
Buying 2 pairs of em
My ex was Russian, but never got to love him,
but I’m feeling great, yeah ever since I got to dump him.

I know I’m sexy, look at me for free
But no touching me NG, I ain’t a KB.
Treat me like Yeezy, my helicopter
I’m the only genuine, dripping in Prada

I’m the only girl in this world
Don’t take your eyes off mine
But I have feelings I’m not doll
So sometimes I might cry
I ain’t no bullshit, got no excuses
You perfectly can see through me
So someday I’ll be, where millions are watching,
Screaming my name, you better watch me now
Watch me now!
Watch me now!