If you need me,just call me whenever you want I couldn’t have done this aloneThanks
雨上がり 夕日の中 汗流れ 隠した涙Always rememberyou’re gonna make it someday, one day立ち止まり 孤独の中 周りの声 耳を澄ましてWe are fighters chasing our dreams together,
“What if I take a wrong turn?”(With) one foot on the brake, asking the
One girl said to me “Just enjoy your lifebecause you only live it once
I hum along as the night goes byStarlight in the windowI’ve been trying to
have been writing you a letterAs a reminder to keep yourself together ohRemember promising
Somebody take me awayCoz I don’t want to take on this old WaveSo I’m
I don’t know WhyHow did I reach this placeYou don’t know whyWhy did you
every drop of waterTurns into storm in my worldI don’t have an umbrellaBut I