I’m coming over now baby girlGet ready fi the dadz rock your worldMi wah
How long we gonna lastLiving through the pastDown the twist and curving roadThat’s the
Building walls will always blunderThey only lead humanity to stumbleLove is what we needGrounded,
Everything about you is so right. I can’t do without youNo, every time I’m
You aint got to do much to make me happyAnd it’s clear to me
Yeah…oh Man…It’s such a beautiful night…Yes it is…Now we came here…for this…This special reasonCan
They can’t stop me and my baby Tell dem stop trying to break us upCause
So mi mek a charge and guh a New YorkHave a big show inna
We don’t wanna go home ×4 Leggo leggo me tek yuh hand off a me
(BoomShallaZumGoshman)Devin Di Dakta Time (Riddim Up)Fi Mi ladiesBuh is like, just looking at her
OhMusically its from the flick of my wrist as I would sayNo Maddz, For
YowWhen you find love, share love, give love, be loved,it’s a universal loveTanto Metro
You’re more than just a ladyWow wow wow oh yeaYour an extraordinary ladyYou’ve got
Yuh cannot toolaid back(laid back), laid back (laid back)laid back gonna hold you backSlow
Know what you want,Know what you want,Believe in yourself….Now,Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
No need to worry baby I got youAnd I’ll be back in a hurryWhen
I don’t like a woman weh chat too muchA chatty mouth will get you
Let me love youLet me be the one you run toIf your heart’s been
Wherever I’ll beCross the seven seasYou’re always on my mindDistance don’t change a thing Many
I was such a foolCause all you did was giveAnd all I did was
It no matter how we fuss and fightIt won’t break usI’ll still be there
Dancing time again, dancing time againRaving time again, the party nice againDancing time again,
We parting ways once againYet we remain still remain friendsI can’t forget moments sharedI’ve
Zutto, zutto means forever my love won’t changeI wanna see you never stop loving
I’ll never leave you with a broken heartNor emotional and torn apartLove is barred
Now look whats happening every dayCrime and violence war in the airFood can’t plant
I GOT THE DREAM…DREAM…今も見続けているこの街のSTREETで追いかけ続けているI GOT THE DREAM…DREAM…君が見続けている夢はこの街のSTREETじゃ全ては自分次第、自由自在 朝方ゴミあさるカラスみたく 誰もがチャンスを探す毎晩円山シノギ削ったクラブ 誰かと被れば無くなるStyle飛んじまったヤツ 消えてくヤツの 最後の言い訳
This is something so crazyMy heart a blazinThis kind a love catch mi and
Party come with smokingParty come with drinkingParty come with the hot gal demAnd the