Count down, Make that sound.And you know it makes no sense.One day you’ll get
Maybe a fall stole my heart.Crackers and coffee on the table.Where are you now? I
Don’t make me fall in love again.And I’m trying to play it cool.‘Cause I
This world is deceiving.I will take it from here.‘Cause I just hate fuck older. I
When I feel so tired.But I would have stayed up with you all night.It’s
You think so, Ellie?I might have to get to know you a little better.But
I’m thinking like I might need to be side you.And I wonder if you
I go back and forth between fall and winter to meet someone.When you feel
I lie down deep in slumber.I said a lot of things I didn’t really
I wanna get out this town.Maybe I could clear up my thoughts.I try to