The wind has shifted to the west You look the same as everI have
You know what?Customs vary with the timesIt’s like a sky varies its tints every
JELLY BEANS!Charming food’s A,B,CJELLY BEANS!I can’t resist JELLY BEANS! I don’t know when I knew
If I can fly in the sky at speed such as the swallow,where will
Good morning, tiny monster.How r u this morning? Firstly when I get up in the
Hey guys! Let’s get nightMake a noise, stand up at onceNobody sleep and chill
Hello, Is this a your dog?No, this is my fatherThis is my father Is she
This watch hurry me up.Anyway, I hurry not to be late.I run around in
Be my sweetyCrazy for youI fall in the depths of love form first Be my
Get back!Get back!Get back! How are you getting along?I don’t see you for a long
Get ready! Yeah yeah yeah!Have you got everything?Yeah! Take your pick! Yeah yeah yeah!OK!1234!Let’s ride
I will sleep today.The clock hand passes half past two.I switch off my room
Fun Fun We hit the step step同じ風の中 We know We love OhHeat Heat beat’s
There was a fashionable lady living next door long time ago.One day,she told me
Believe in your soul, my brother, the sound travel in wavesBelieve in your soul,
The kid is a two-year-old boy.He is my sister’s childBoth my father and mother
A day starts again.Sun goes up.A day ends again.Sun goes down. Repeat of a time,It’s
Hi! Baby How is the world of our side?How are you feeling now?Do you
One way, I attempt an escape on mondayHow many good time, my baby? You
So behind the times, I’m living You’re old in wrongdoingsMaybe I was crazy, too.
What this! We’ve been done! We gonna boss you!Our spirits are dying! You died from
I don’t buy I don’t buyI never bought such a machine You say“I want that
Take it back! Take back your prideTake back your wordsTake back yourself We think so, surely
I love CHOCOSHAKE since 1975l’ve drunk only milkshake up to that timeWhen I was
NANANANANA… Tomorrow’s thing was forgotten.Useless thing for me to promise.Someone’s rule is unrelated to me.
Let’s go out for the hell of party.Have a drink to boost upWe’ll go
Why don’t you call me up?I’m waiting for a call from you ah… call
West, You have come back to meWe’re the good for nothing in the worldYes!
Tu Tu Tu… Ah Do you know what I’m thinking about?I don’t know what to
What are you afraid of?When have you taken the first step?Don’t be afraid! People must