Everybody has own nowMemories in the boxYou can find in your room, you know
We’re caught in a trap, I can’t walk outBecause I love you too much
You got to be badCause you’re fucking liar shitI don’t wanna make you right Maybe
I don’t know the words you takeI don’t care whatever you feelI can’t stop
No one knowsI may be forgetIt makes me loosing my emotion owsA lonely dayLet
He’s making big sound in stereo from a silent townBig smiles and happiness and
There’s only one way, nothing protect in my heartAnybody taking, I’m so laughingHow we’re
I’m going down to the street but it’s countless time beforeThen rough road gets
Why I’m saying you’re gonna ge ing shitWhy I don’t say I wanna fuck
My voice, can you hear me when you’re not hereI don’t think but I
Baby, I love you I got a rst cry my angele day of making many
All the wayThe night we playOne step start from hereMakes me this feeling earnestlyI
I don’t see your fucking wayI’m gonna kick your ass, you bitch!I can’t stand
I can set it something up and high end upIt’s almost close and shake
Day by day every morning comesI see a shining lightsI can’t moving on without
Do I know? Dou you know?Many things we don’t know.I know. You know.Many things
Hi Wendy,When this feeling begin to meLost of joy and sadness were running through
There is no plot.I was born in this town.I grew up and met you
I just wanna see you smileI wanna bring you funI found my place at
I’m dying to do a lot of things.I don’t know why I’m so.The dwarves
Sunday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday(Friday!!)Saturday, SundayMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday(Friday!!)Saturday, Sunday Yah!! Never you look back. Get
Why you’re dragging?Shut out everything aloneI can help you outI want you take my
Tell me Why I feel so sad?Why my tears run my cheek?Why you leave
Don’t really ever want to come join with meI have something better for you
I need to goGood place but noCan’t stop me nowI need to go I hear
Why you look sad?I’ve never seen.You need me to help.I’m on your side. Why you
Hey I wanna ask you thisThe day let’s go to the happy funny summer
I don’t remember all the timeEach of time taht I made you cryBut through
1,2,3,4 Fight Fight Fight5,6 Fight Fight Fight Maybe you’re rightWish you were right.I’m sure you’ll
I’m just a guy you see all dayI everyday have a normal wayI can’t