wei oh wei oh wei ohwei oh wei oh wei ehwelcome to the wrestle
ABRACADABRA / nobody cares ‘bout you under the LibraABRACADABRA / is this“new era”? hit me 嗚呼 何もする気起きない
if the world could fit in my palmit would be easy to keep it
gimme just a little more time to pick up a chord(just like that) gimme
you’re a psycho when I finished my cigaretteyou said that you could take me anywherepunk
wow-oh-ohyou gotta remove and dump the old knowledge in your pocketwow-oh-ohsome of them call
I’m waiting for the sun rises againrise up, let me see the sun people always
oh-oh, oh-ohI swear to God, there ain’t no plan to start a riotoh-oh, oh-ohwe
I’ve hoped that it’s just a lil’ misunderstandingof a personal branding or something like
You don’t have to use your silky voicebecause I can see through you from
way in my brain…kill the pain rather than cutt’n my veinsI don’t wanna end
my life is complicated, my brain is gone and fadedif I had a chance
sometimes…I hear something breaking into pieces at the bottom of my heartyou know what
(you are dead already) after an idiot vanished, an alien arrivedafter he flew away, a
and now you’re inside my headall enemies are deadI could fly away from a
should I really understand your biased opinion?sorry, I hate to decay myself I have
we’re sick of sweet words, all we need is the revolutioncut the crap mother
nobody in the street, it was a strange nightquieter than silence, I saw a
play “dubsolution”then the roses in zion will come around I’m gonna sinking down all through
you are crying through the night “we are all alone”when a star flashes through
“do you remember the place where we went on our first date?I was too
everyone is believing we can be honest someday in the futureeveryone keeps reminding themselves
do you love me? “yeah”do you really love me? “yeah”do you like sushi? “yeah”do
oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!never forget this refrainoh-oh-oh-oh-oh!so here we go again there is too much to do in
“stop dreaming’, you gotta face reality”I still remember your condescending face clearly I was born
oh na na na, oh na na na nablah blah fucking blah blah…here comes
(嗚呼、帰る術をとうに捨てた君は夜が帰るのを待つフリで微笑みかける“ah I know what you want from me, close your eyes and kiss me”命の音までも聞こえる程に 月灯りの下 二人結い交わした からっぽの言葉you
(the door to the salvation is hereall you have to do is one thingleave
Underneath the bridge, the tarp has sprung a leakAnd the animals I’ve trapped have