Last forever-acoustic ver.- – She, in the haze

I still remember you even in this cold winter air
No matter how many times the seasons changed
The street we walked along has gone
With your frozen breath
But you were breathing
Oh, beside me

It lasts forever
Your embrace
I hold to blame
My time has stopped since that day
Just say you are
Close to me
Before I break
I want to see you right away
So when I’m calling…
Ah, to where you are
I’m waiting in the cold rain

Seems so far away
It left me at fast speed
I am feeling loneliness
As if nobody is there
Where is my time
With no colors in my days
This winter air
Doesn’t even have the smell

You said
“I am feeling filled, so I don’t want any more”

I still remember
You forgot me my lover
I am waiting for the answer
I am afraid to know the truth
And I wonder if I can see forever
You are my only angel
I want to see your face