Every breath you takeAnd every move you makeEvery bond you break, every step you
Hey mama, what’s that there?And what’s that doing there?And mommy oh hey! Mama, hey
Just like a moth to flame,I met your love againBut love got burnt and
Let someone start believing in you, let him hold out his handLet him touch
In her own sweet worldPopulated by dolls and clownsAnd a prince and a big
You make me laugh‘Cause your eyes they light the nightThey look right through me You
恋人よ 僕は旅立つ東へと 向う列車ではなやいだ街で 君への贈りもの探す 探すつもりだいいえ あなた私は欲しいものはないのよただ 都会の絵の具に染まらないで帰って染まらないで帰って 恋人よ 半年が過ぎ逢えないが 泣かないでくれ都会で流行(はやり)の 指輪を送るよ君に 君に似合うはずだいいえ 星のダイヤも海に眠る真珠もきっと あなたのキスほどきらめくはずないものきらめくはずないもの 恋人よ いまも素顔で口
Smile, though your heart is achingSmile, even though it’s breakingWhen there are clouds in
Look at us baby, up all nightTearing our love apartAren’t we the same two
My analyst told me that I was right out of my headThe way he
Time to go go goTime to knowThere’s time for loveAnd time for us to
It’s a little bit funny this feeling insideI’m not one of those who can
I’m not surprised, not everything lastsI’ve broken my heart so many times, I stopped
Kiss me deep, love me sweetCuz I’m falling in love with youPhysical, beautiful….All I
She wears a new dress I’ve never seenI can’t believe it’s true, she just
Qui saura me dire pourquoice monde est fou et froidtant d’enfants nous demandentpourquoi on
Darlin’ I miss you…. I really miss youLaughin ‘bout the good times but it’s
I dreamt a dream in someone’s armsThen I woke up a bit alarmedAlone I
Will you still be here with mewhen I wake up to the morning sun?As
Yesterday we spent the whole night in his carWe held hands as we closed