Turning up the radioDon’t stop the beat and make it loudNo turning back the
Tonight I wanna smash your fearsWithout shedding of the tearsTonight I wanna smash your
When I close my heart I seeThe world is ready to fallWish I could
It’s like taking a walk in spaceDon’t get yourself all worked upIt’s waste of
I will put my trust in GodCan you see your summer ending?It’s not something
It’s sad but rockstar was deadYou never told meIt’s not because of meThere’s no
Wake up callThe meaning of my soulStep outside the lineGo ahead, go away, far
What should I call you?I could have done it betterWhy in the worldDon’t know
When he was a young boyHe put the stars on the wallAnd he had
Slowly time is going fastTell me how long it will last?Oh well everything has
It’s time I know what is missingSounds easyBut it’s so hard to get itIt’s
E ku’u leiE hele mai ‘oeA ‘ike I na waiwaiO ke kai ‘uli iho Mai
Mother saidThat’s farce, so everyone’s getting the runaroundno wonder she is feeling downMother saidThat’s
A spring dayI got a train ticket super cheapAnd I road the train for
The story not over till it’s overI was just trying to shake something offSorry
Grimy windowThanks to you my view is terribleFor better or worseI should live with
As always I wake up in a dusting roomAs akways I feel something is
How I have waited for this momentOh, I really was waiting for youYou have
Good morning Mr. GreenYou seem to be as free as everHow are you?I don’t
Sorry, I may be a little lateBut I’ll pick you upPlease trust meMy life
Dear boxI love spending time with youDear boxI love being here with youBut time
Funny voice breaks someone’s silenceThe light reflected of the moving screenI heard she’s a
Where to start?I have to keep feelingI’m mad sleepy, but there is a long
Dreaming of peaceIt’s now or neverI want to stay, I want to stayI’ll be
I want to hold your handYou know what I’m sayin’?Oh dear my friendPlease fill
Can’t stop my warLife is not beautifulI’m trying to be cleanI know, don’t push
Now is the time for you to face the factDon’t squib out, the die
Wanna skip my workout.Put it up…For every motherfuckin’ days that I spendThis is so
Don’t look at me like thatLet’s part with a smileInformation… it’s full of liesI’m
This song is for a perveJust to be clearWho do you think you are?Don’t