I can’t take this anymoreLook out, it’s trying to drag us downI can’t stand
The past is mere a part of the pastNow all have taken all awayCan
Everything in here’s going backwardsTracing back to where all it startedEvery single night, with
Till I find myself back on my feetDon’t believe all i know is the
Keeping yourself beneath a leaftill somebody reaches your lifeWatching the feet to look into
Memories from the past still talkingI will not shake ‘em off I’m walkingI’ll keep
My thoughts, flashing lights,Where have they goneI don’t really care, just leave’m thereblind wind,
(Burn it all) They blame all your mistakesYour heart, frozen in the iceWe don’t have
Did I only forget it or what?Has it gone away?There is nothing left behindNothing
Do you remember the day we passed byI lost my way trying to catch
I can’t think of anythingI don’t wanna think of anythingI just wanna spread my
A hazy world I hear the word “wish”Is that a desire?I’ll face what is
(Wake Up!) ProgressRemain alive todayProgressEngrave it deeply enoughProgressWipe off your regretsProgressBlend it into youProgressCreate another
I have been trying to justifyMy time, accepting everything that came in to my
I’ve got to tell you So many times I’ve turned aroundSo many days I
Now I’m standingI’m staring at the wallI lost my feelingsAt my both handsBut I’m
Why am I just walking alone in this deep forest?How can I find the