Do it. Do it againWhat’s going on?All right do it. Do it againYou can
Each and everyday, the same boring routineI’m lost in my world, I’m so forsakenEach
When I get up every morning isfeeling that this day is going to be
Black jacket’s bringing nightmareI’m only waiting right there Don’t worry, don’t be upsetNobody’s always perfect Now
You may be tired to keep walking in lifeYou feel pressure but you pay
Always so subjective doing as I am told to do in lifeAlways not happy
The doctors stopped me yeah from doing sportsI lost all direction and decided to
All the bad emotions hereOnly ill intentions sick of all this painAll the sad
Just can’t go on there’s no guiding lightgiving up are you too tiredto make
Shut up, get out, fuck off to you No one has just one personality,no matter
I feel the sweetest sunshineYou give me love as your sunrayYou kiss the ocean
When you and I metI knew a day just like this will come suddenly