Oh Oh sugar me…. YeahSugar sugar sugar me 目を覚まして手を握ってここでずっとカラダぎゅっとちょっとまってもっとこっちそっとそうGive me little more! Oh sugar sugar sugar me…..
Ah Ah Ah I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be comingDon’t give a damn’ about
You just one of those wannabes wannabesYou mind just watch your steps you honey Hey
I put my clothes onI put my shoes onI put some make up onI
Come on……….. I can not talk…. I can not talk I can not talkCoz you mesmerized
Have you ever seen the world like that?Have you ever seen the sky like
Ah Ah….. What you’re telling me oh never mind tick tack… Do you ever love me?Oh never
Asking youI’m asking youI’m asking youIs here heaven or hell?I’m asking you I’m asking
When we were youngWe used to see many things which everyone could never ever
She goes anywhere ah ha ha ha haEveryday and night ah ha ha ha