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The world be as one 晴れたり、曇ったり 雨が降ったり嵐になったり、風を背に受け旅立つよそう、きっと空を越えて届く風に揺られて、裸足のまま The answer is blowing in the wind さあ今 生きる 世界は この空で繋がってるよThe world be as
It’s beautiful. I forget tomorrowIt’s shining feel. Its real and lies.Onetime is fall in
Escape from here. Can get back freeCan’t stop to the see Push up your
Don’t lose dark and light. You need is black in hart.You can search for
The way has no form but is powerfulEnough to give birth to all things
Jha, this is the war. Why don’t you knowI bet my life, just beganNow
Brand new sunset in the mountain. Set the fire.Keep on fire in the heart
人工紫外線、光に舞え、虫のように遊べ駆け足で駆け上がる階段バックライト切れかかる転生青天井、日々と連荘。街の片隅、想いを馳せる音の流れ波打つバイアスLet’s Cast dice, the crowns kiss, Life is strike again. 8192Life is strike againOne arm
Micigan, machingun. because, love computer.And murder .invader. get out, parlor slaver1.2.123 everybody call on