Don’t cry oh little boyThis life has endless turning pointsCome on my little hopeThis
And then comes the darksuddenly without making a soundAn instant shoutthen silence wrapped the
Tell me why I’m breathing so painfullyI’ve been looking for something that heals it,
Frozen in the groundPieces of star, fell apartHiding all the scarsDeep and deep in
Soft cold morningI can see my breathewhere am I going in this darknesscreating a
愛され、欲しがられ名前を呼ばれてようやく生まれる気がするんだ震えるその声で命を削れそして問う、生きてる意味はなんだい? 何故、何のためにそれを問い続ける毎日時計の針はチクタク進み孤独を求めていないのにまた一匹(ひとり)、ぽつり 愛され、欲しがられ名前を呼ばれてようやく生まれる気がするんだ震えるその声で命を削れそして問う、生きてる意味はなんだい? 愛して、欲しがって名前で呼んでそうしたら生まれる気がするん
Slowly in my veinI can feel the blood insaneflowing like a raging river Then suddenly
Someday will you find me?Still wandering in myselfSomeday will you shine on me?Still searching
It’s been a while since I wrote youso many things have changedI have many
I was always worried about what other people doI was always anxious about how
No monsters, no devils,magic creaturesNeither wizards, neither heroesOnly a manwalking every day the same
Struggling in the dirtWe, peopleAre we sweating it out without a reason?When this endless
A thunder break the silenceshaking the ground and the shynessno words, no books, no
After that dazzling, gracious,charming smileI see the sorrow, the sadnessdeep inside your eyesAfter that
From the top of this mountainby higher peaks surroundedAll the footprints you engravedAll the
Do what you wantDo what you wantDo everything you want何事、何事も思うがままにBut don’t lie to yourselfDon’t
重なり合う視線加速する鼓動震える手「ストップ」と止まる思考回路なびく黒い髪少し切ないその目は過ぎ去らないでこの瞬間を Slow motionExploding emotionsYou and mehide and seekSlow motionin this blue oceanfalling deephow do I
Welcome to the worldto your futureto the sunshine of a brand new daySpread your