Nothing happenedNothing happened, hereThere’s nothing in this countryThere’s nothing in this cityThere’s nothing in
I’m Stuck in a paradoxI’m Stuck in a paradoxSo, is it better to stay
Day will break soon.As for myself,I will strike into the Dark at the same
I repeat 夢路をwalk捉え 揺れる 群青のdaysyou know 手を hand on hand on your heart. you repeat コンクリートのlifefour-string だけstrong明日に踊れよ spot on sunshinetomorrow you
The subway’s just hit morning lightHow did you feel?What did you reminisce about?Everything is
It’s not that.I want the feeling like under no control.I want a sense before
One day, I took a crowded train.I took a look at the city on
I have gone with the flowWhere’re the toes in my shoes pointing?Between the mountains,
If I can be myself like a past pictureit’s possible to smile somehow.I can
The nameless day has passedI am born again with the new morningin the city
You know…with youI know…cause I’m with youHow long…with youYou dont understand Mind is going crazycause
Hey, seabird. Have you been looking down on our ground? I think I can reach that
I’m waiting for that, oh my ageI’m waiting for that, oh my ageListen to
Can I leave a commonplace behind?Let it alone the flowed ideasWe are dancingAnd go
Shake off the past.Fling off the irritation.Anything.That’s sound effect.Can you have a favorite?Just pick
In my next lifeIn my new look and editionI will tell everybody a true