Route246 – Rei

Dancing with a jiggly jig
Miyake-zaka tumblin,flippity flop
Walking down 246

Dancing with the rhythm and blues
Nagata-cho skippin’,Scooby do be doo
Prancin’round 246

Blue Mountain Avenue, here we go
Blue Note on the way Omotesando
Bibidibobidibibidibobidi down 246

Look at me! Look at you!
We’re better together,I’m pretty sure
Walkin’down 246

Dancing with a jiggly jig
Skippin’with a flippity flop
Walking down 246

Miyamasu-zaka tumblin’Shibuya lady
Setagaya の alley ごきげん BOY


It’s getting late folks!
We’ve got to say g’night
Nakatsugawa River に映る Moon
Don’t you give up
いつだって I’m a dreamer

jiggly jig jig,flippity flop
Moppoty mop, Scooby do be doo
Walking down 246