Shes been in the basementTrying to hide from allThe days, the nights, land and
Look at the same moonI see the white you see the blackI smell a
Gently youre pressing my hand in my heartAnd a cursor is moving and leaving
Therere a thousand ways of being trueSo whats the use of being me without
You seemed to be suspiciousof the conscience in human beingslike irony and vicious circle
あのこは何を見つめてるの空っぽの星のまんなかを祈るように線を描くように悲しい夢を見ているのさ窓辺の鳥恋のはなし今日は何を歌いまわる追いかける今日を探しながら足の置き場を見つけながらさまよう時をつなぎとめてこころの底にうつしだすよ去年の靴と昨日の月ときみの涙ひとつひとつを夜のとばりの模様はかたる灯りの下で言葉は霞がかったように窓辺の花恋のはなし聞いているよ 歌ってるよ
I should have stayed for a whileOur sunbeams just have passed me byAnd the
As if all the mints you melted and swallowed disappearedJust like a rainbow we
Rain has stopped on the other side ofthe sidewalk but I keep on walkingDressed