I want wings to flythen I can glide all over the worlddreaming to be
I feel my heart is getting lostbeing myself is painfulsomeone says you dont have
You need to realize(you never listen)Thats why you make enemies(you hide behind a mask)She
Something changing inside of meI need write it down before I forgetYouve never told
RepressingEmotionsYou feel low you want to kill yourselfThere is no way to fade outIts
Ive been here beforeIve seen you beforeTalk to me now I will show up
Rise and fall the truth is behindMake no choice for life or deathShadows and
Respect for the dead manYou are buried in a roomRespect for the dead manThe
I wanna take backeverything I hadyou took whats minejust give me backmy inner wingsso
I think of youIn this freezing rainIt chills my heartIve felt this lost beforeIve
The way youre talkingI can see you look you try to hide something from
you were all that I sawbut you said that i was blindnow i know
Can I live life without youI cant sing this without youThis love will never
Wait, Im here. Dont leave me alone.yall misunderstand. Im not that kinda guy.Something is
I feel something differentI dont know what it isSomethings really missing in my lifeNow
Let this sound come out moreIm ready for all this to be overIm still
My past fades into my memoryand its coming again with this musicIt wakes me
I never mean to be like thisTheres a hole inside my headNo matter where
RepressingEmotionsYou feel low you want to kill yourselfThere is no way to fade outIts
Why is it so dark in here? (who knows)Aint got a clue (what?) whos
Its just another dayI was in the clubYou were standing an your eyes were
Im Just A Simple madness manIs this what you wantedIs this what you wantedIs
Rains falling down and just darkens the groundA sound that Ive heard before but
I know Its been a while what happened to you?In our memory were still
Settle downyoull be alrightusing your headsometimes bothers youNow come with ustheres a new worldrelive
I drive as fast as I canto escape from everything I gotIm not the
you know a good liar will never let you knowthat he knows youre full
Tears fall in my heartas the rainfall hits my skinIts not too far, the
I scream out my anger againspit everything that I hatein your eyes I can