All these leaders are just warlordsIt is us who should control themWho are the
Never touch the doorAlways on the endless roadKnow where I belong, but I know
Standing in the sun at middayOur potential energyYour eyes roll to the sky withMy
When he finally gets his revengethe smoke clears and then its time, reloadBucho and
We crack open our eyes and it seemsEarth splits apart at our feetTheyre still
Cars change their waylike hysteric creatures in a panicKlaxon jam sessionsalways make me feel
A melody, it comes to meWords Ive never seen in my headA soup of
Overlords! filling up the skyLizards attack! Maws swallowing them wholeOpen eyes see the light
Running wolf, alone, aloneExiled from the packRunning fast as the windInto the woods pantingThe
Bronze fall by the roadSecond place you hungNo one wants to see your face,
Rise again once more andNever fall in lineAnywhere any wayAny time or howNever cooling