Prologue:GodWhenever you cryJust count your blessingsEvery time you tryLearn something, believe yourselfLook to the
I dont wanna let the chance slip awayWhy is my freedom taken away?Reason as
Life doesnt always go your waySometimes your dream seems so far awayNow try to
Love is such a sweet illusion(Lets come together)Cant seem to stop my imagination(Goes on
ランプに火を灯したら さあ出かけよう始まるよ ホール・ニューワールドFEELING HEART 感じるよ このトキメキ(ドキ・ドキドキ)HEALING HEART どんなこともかなう(困った時はSAVE&LOAD)約束の場所で 君に会える素敵な世界の 無敵なボクさ素敵な世界の 無敵なボクさ
第一幕What Im seeing......Is it real?What Im feeling......Is it real?What Im doing......Is it real?There is