Prologue:GodWhenever you cryJust count your blessingsEvery time you tryLearn something, believe yourselfLook to the
I dont wanna let the chance slip awayWhy is my freedom taken away?Reason as
Life doesnt always go your waySometimes your dream seems so far awayNow try to
ランプに火を灯したら さあ出かけよう始まるよ ホール・ニューワールドFEELING HEART 感じるよ このトキメキ(ドキ・ドキドキ)HEALING HEART どんなこともかなう(困った時はSAVE&LOAD)約束の場所で 君に会える素敵な世界の 無敵なボクさ素敵な世界の 無敵なボクさ
第一幕What Im seeing......Is it real?What Im feeling......Is it real?What Im doing......Is it real?There is
Love is such a sweet illusion(Lets come together)Cant seem to stop my imagination(Goes on