Give me your slap to wake me up.Sticking to just a funcy imagination.Should I
day after dayif you can dream it, you can do itwhy dont you singing?i
Now dont hang on.Nothing lasts forever expect the ground and sky.expect the ground and
四面楚歌嘲笑後独り荒野を疾走ガラス越しのマイセルフ問い質すYou go your way曰く付き人生レール社会性脱線恐怖症『求ム、処方箋ハ!?』「手前自身」You go your way常識は埋葬脚色するなマイソウル時の随に流れいつか終える灯なら金輪際憂き世を果無し事で終わらせない誰が為在る競争?二番煎じの淘汰は妥当今、必要なのは荒野を駆け抜ける勇気
Here in this room so many traces of you.So many nights lying by your
カナリア鳴く 熱帯夜汗ばんだこのストリート火照る肌 誘惑うようにはじまるよ カーニバル陽炎 揺らめき 溶けてく情景噎せ返るような 香りの中で朝を待たぬまま 消えてくあなたの残像が 未だ目に焼き付いてるよ真夏の夜の夢 Good-bye
Under the sunshine.Spining,dancing and smiling.Ride on the big wave.Sinking down.Sky coverd with cloud.Rain falled
Do you still remember?We use to be young.I will never lose those days.It was
When I was a little.Drawing was my favorite thing.One day,I was absorbed in drawing
As usual exausted made to the last train on time.See through the further scenery
Always,I think what else do you want from me.Have you ever heard her song