Whatever you doWell, its alrightWhatever human beings areYeah, its alrightThe bullets sweeten it up,
So she whispers lightlySays she feels alive hereHave I been here before?Oh I just
Oh here it comes again...painThe one I felt before...always the sameI ryt to escape
These are words that you say to meYoure confused and youre so empty?Everyday youre
Alone againでもみんな同じさ70%の中で溺れているんだBroken youthOh 不完全で明日に近づけないところ愛してる悲しさに気づけなくてAlwaystogether forever深すぎる思い込みでOur loveForever and everCall for me音がない世界でも聞こえるように耳元で叫んでほしいんだI say...Our life cut up
Yeah 泥だらけの T.V. screen君の映ってるシーン なぜか 孤独に感じるYou 君が作り上げた 嘘だらけの世界はとても素敵だよ(I linger... I linger...)(I linger... I linger...)Dont wanna wanna wanna wanna be youDont
I did myself damage, I know I did it by myself yeahFilled myself with
If youve found me call my answer phoneA play back to help the bruises
(You did)Call my name, call me all of the timeAnother way to pollute the
Its alright...Theres nothing else to say yeahI love you is a clicheDont know why
The lights that shine in your eyesJust keep me shadowed, underneath and scaredIm never
Take my life, plug the holeSee me wash away againI can see all the
(Smile)Something thats innocentIs still something that makes me cryNo wonderNo one even knows my
I woke up thinking how Ive never had a good timeI seem to lack
Sweaty little eyeballs that see meDont really see that muchHalf of me is paid
I wish Id never met youI wish Id never met youI wish Id never
A hidden door had me in her mazeSell a heartCut it and replace itIm
You got my baby baby baby babyYou got my baby baby baby baby... Shit!Take
I see the starsBetray the moon to earn your gazeAnd though you give them
You play the innocent cardBut weve heard it all beforeWe know what youre aboutAnd
I been awake all night in this bed I lieI never sleep too well
In you theres a spirit fixtureI want it tooI came to be aliveHow come
I set her downAs she waited for the night to turn into some light
Satin skin that covers up the scarsEyes that drip the ocean from the sky(Tell
I kept walking through the static sound9 gates appeared and beckoned me to comeWish
If you dont wanna stay around hereThen I dont think that we shouldCome with
Ive been the innocent across the continentBegan in utero, but watched my army growIm
It hurts me baby and I flinch when Im brokeAll of my pieces spread
Boom to the mind, hit the nail, grip the leash(Im crawling out you now)Im
My sin... keeps me tied to the worldMy drug... gets me higher than loveMy