All around the worldThere is a new way now次はどこへ行こう望む方へ 重ねていく memory追い越していくようにDriving a new world聞こえてきた melodyまたいつもどおりLoosen
Let me check it one twoいつでもI’m ready鳴らせwhistleAin’t gonna be won’t be 誰かのsimulatorWanna be will be誰かのsuperstarIf
It’s hard to be a normal personthat’s just not meI’m writing a journalto keep
After the rain町の街灯とハイウェイ照らしたstreet開放的なbreezeほら頬をかすめてすり抜けてく風伸ばした手と手幻想的な現実から見上げたstars夜更けにtake me in Nobody can find me with that satelliteI’ll just keep walking
Flipping my diaryRepeating historyAsking the questionI’m a time traveler Are you a mind reader?Always you’ve
Baby baby baby tell me why you look so downDo you do you do
Hello my dear 運命は不条理って その通りでHello my dear たとえどうもがいても 世界は笑うだろう Tell me why いつも先回りしてこの手を 広げて待っててもYou fall out of my hand you always
Walking the wirethe breeze will blowどこに繋がってるかは don’t know今は気にしないthe rain and stormまた君が教えてくれるでしょう Turn on the fanBlow
I can’t see where I’m going it’s foggyI can imagine nothing sorryこのくらいの方が丁度いいそんな気がした 置き去りにしてきたはずの意味のない理由でまた誰かが fightingねぇ何処に向かって run?なんでそんな
Mama used to sayDon’t play with a gunDon’t hurt anyoneSo I chose to fly
How you doing?If I had a spoon好きな分だけ scoopMy baby where are you?越えてく mountain見つけ出すまでWant ya
I’m wide awake nowI can’t sleepI got this fire raginginside of meOoo Ooo Ooo
今言えるのはNo one above youIt’s almost been a hundred timesthat I called you目を閉じたらいつもgoing around in
I just posted my lifeいつも通りWhat did you seeそっちはどう?ねぇ tell meたそがれて talking to the star君が教えてくれたのは明日も晴れ I
余韻が彩る normal dayCuz I had fun last weekendI’ve lost all of my pain浮かれた my
One dayI’ve got a new weaponThat’s how I’m still livingas a dreamerNot like any
Seven days in a week dream flies叶わなかったWhat I’ve been dreaming ofI was young過ぎ去ったmany nightsStillそんな
Sincerely, your friendずっと free に tryCarry a little secret in your pocketその答え if you
Can I ask your name?You look so far away立ちすくむ雨の中でIs it something you can’t say?Is
I have what I need andI got what I wantedI thought I was perfectTill
Cuz I don’t have enoughNo second thoughtsThat smile is my everything you set me
Follow methis town has gave a lot to me it’s like my homeいつも通りでいていつまでも My past
a boring sunday is the situationでも嫌じゃないって思えた today窓の外を覗くand I’ll find itいつもと変わらないってI was thinking but it was
(On and On…)It’s a one fine day空いた two cups of coffee テーブルに並んでYou with the smile
思い通りにはいかないけどそれなりに having fun代わり映えの無い everyday を runningI envy you, you look so happyなんて言われるけど my sad
Cuz I don’t have enoughNo second thoughts変わらない笑みで you set me freeGood morning to the
She walks around the townそこらじゅうに lovePeople smiling back at her徐々に peace へIt’s a happy
いつも通りの morningThe clock is calling.. me差し込む sunshineWake up の sign ほら起きなさいFrom the kitchen humming 心地良い pitchこれだけで reach
Whenever you want meI’ll be there don’t worry寝坊して時間がない morningNo worries いつも通り綺麗に I feelIf you had
Love is tender with your smileThe world is happy through your eyessoft and gentle A