Have you ever been shut out when you want to stay right there?Awful, my
I wont cry.I will not cry.Broken birds run till heal up.How should I do,
One more hurt on my hand.Too small to be seen but enormous area.Sunday morning,
Comedy, are you leaving out?Poverty is sold by someone freaking out,Hes a son of
Why cant we end? Weve been already dead.What made me stick to come right
I come out from fellows, ill at ease with being there,if my heart still
So its really quiet here.So there is only a call of deers.Well, I dont
Theres nobody else around me in my sight.I thought I have filled the bay
Dawn, I could find the dawn.Im a statue in your room but Ive walked
no matter when youre going homeim just a waiter till you love all.you think
and you say all the oxygen taken in my life has gone.and you say
no one became calm and chill. its the way. you didnt know that. im
choke on smoke from the lumbreaking into my lung.blind by hundreds of curtains of