I play the rock sound. Now its my all.Loud voice and cry in my
We sing a song when we are feel so sad.Because we never forget this
I stray now. The truth to me laugh.His name is darkness and gulp down
Do you remember that? Therere only you and me.Im still waiting for, but youre
Still I remember clearly the day when youre gone.I walked in the way to
Im walking to find the world that I drew it when I was a
Sound, I heard a good old sound.Oh the fresh wind from somewhere.In a dream,
I want you to stay.You tell me the only reason to live my life
Please tell me, what do you think about now? Tell me.How do you live
I think about nothing, and nothing acts everyday.You said me yesterday“I believe you even
The night without stars.Ghost come at the midnight.I heard his whisper.“The storm will come
Break through for myself. Please Dont easy.Now I play the sound of my heart.Story
Lets run forever recklessly.The story has changed by your hands.Kick down the door in
When Im in my mom. You told me always.“Baby, Im so waiting for you”.Im
I hope you stay. Dont say the word. My only one.Dont leave me alone.Im
Tell ne why is this my heart unsharable with you all the time?Why do
In the perfect silence of vast ocean.Breathing and flowing for a long, long time.Lost
The school days in my memories. Im waiting for the after school.So tender wind
On this train in the way that leaves dancing andgoing to the way for
Yes, this is my story to happy ending.Brand new way has just begun.Yes, yesterdays
Dont let me down. I wanna hear your song much.Come back to us as
Help me, help me, hear me? Somebody rescue me.Here is dark cave. I cannot
Monday morning I get melancholy always.Why cant get up early a little for 10
Sunday, I woke up in my tiny room.Yesterdays worst memories in my head.Sunshine ask
Listen to my favorite song.It does not take 3 minutes, alright?Let me show your
One day, that place where I met you.One day, that place where I miss