Quando voce foi emborafez-se noite em meu viverForte eu sou mas nao tem jeito,hoje
love me or leave me and let me be lonelyYou wont believe me and
Why do birds suddenly appear Every time you are nearJust like me they long
古いアルバムめくり ありがとうってつぶやいたいつもいつも胸の中 励ましてくれる人よ晴れ渡る日も 雨の日も 浮かぶあの笑顔想い出遠くあせてもおもかげ探して よみがえる日は 涙そうそう一番星に祈る それが私のくせになり夕暮れに見上げる空 心いっぱいあなた探す悲しみにも 喜びにも 想うあの笑顔あなたの場所から私が見えたら きっといつか 会えると信じ 生きてゆく晴れ渡る日も 雨の日も 浮かぶあの笑顔想い出
I wish you bluebirds in the springTo give your heart a song to singAnd
Embrace me, my sweet embraceable youEmbrace me, you irreplaceable youJust one look at you
Wish I knewWhy Im so in love with youNo one else in this world
Over time, Ive been building my castle of loveJust for two, though you never
They paved paradiseAnd put up a parking lotWith a pink hotel, a boutiqueAnd a
The hardest thing Ive ever done is keep believingTheres someone in this crazy world
What the world needs now is love, sweet loveIts the only thing that theres
Just you, just meLets find a cozy spotTo cuddle and cooJust us, just weIve
Ja conheco os passos dessa EstradaSei que nao vai dar em nadaSeus segredos sei
When I fall in love it will be foreverOr Ill never fall in loveIn
The water is wide, I cant cross oerAnd neither have I wings to flyGive
Tall and tan and young and lovelyThe girl from Ipanema goes walkingAnd when she
小さい頃は神さまがいて不思議に夢をかなえてくれたやさしい気持ちで目覚めた朝はおとなになっても 奇蹟はおこるよカーテンを開いて 静かな木洩れ陽のやさしさに包まれたなら きっと目にうつる全てのことは メッセージ小さい頃は神さまがいて毎日愛を届けてくれた心の奥にしまい忘れた大切な箱 ひらくときは今雨上がりの庭で くちなしの香りのやさしさに包まれたなら きっと目にうつる全てのことは メッセージカーテンを開
Vai minha tristeza e diz a ela que sem ela nao pode serdiz-lhe numa
I fall in love too easilyI fall in love too fastI fall in love
Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.From glen to glen and down
Se voce disser que eu desafino, amorSaiba que isto em mim provoca imensa dorSo
Eu quis amar mais tive medo, E quis salvar meu coracaoMas o amor sabe
The moment I wake upBefore I put on my make upI say a little
Say its only a paper moonSailing over a cardboard sea,But it wouldnt be make
The shadow of your smileWhen you are goneWill color all my dreamsAnd light the
Nao sei se o acaso quis brincarOu foi a vida que escolheuPor ironia fez