Spineless Black – NOISEMAKER

Breathe out
Don’t change
Freaked out
Forgotten who you used to be?
Breathe out
Keep faith
So you can breathe in what you want

You could think my futures gonna be worth nothing but
I’m holding on to it Like gravity
All the plans and pressures but there’s no where to run
Cause dawn will bring the morning clarity

Confusion in my heart
But I’m holding it
I thought you’d understand but you couldn’t
Got needles in my heart and it never quits

The twisted shape and scars a part of
me now

Don’t modify
Your special shade
Too many colors only mix to black
Don’t Modify
To what they say
or colors fade into a spineless black
keep it real, real, real saturated
say it we know, we know, that’s how we’ll make it
keep it real, real, real saturated
or your colors fade into a spineless black

People tryna fit the form of what others see
while inside rots into a cavity

See it coming you know what
No one really gives a fuck
Like a cigarette, burned up
Thrown down and crushed when I become a stub
Want a poser on a poster?
Controlled me then, but it’s over
Bullshit me, get the cold shoulder
Can’t lose again I get bolder
Just then I come alive
Being myself with the wrong and the right
Speaking my truth, my reasons why
To hell with your mold, I won’t fit inside

変わる 街の中
変わらず ありのまま
枯れる 夢の中
渡り 飛んでくよ まだ
Just them I come alive
今 見えるよ 在り方
Speaking my truth my reasons why
行けばいい 見えぬまま