Its blue its red its green if they tell yaIts square its round, these
Are you roaming this townSo hopeless to fade awayJust looking around?Then why are youin
Ive been here for so long still my vi sions not vividseems like I
Youre dancing in the rain of confusion of the nightWhere the walls are made
I am the light the darkIm different from youIm the god that feeds on
What am I living for?What am I looking for now??Where am I going?What am
Ive always felt mis-placed in shapes that people fit right in.I thought I knew
You are right thereWith the tears thats accommodating timeI am right hereWith this flare,
Have you reached beyond the skyAnd felt the world collapse around your eyesWhen your
“Whered you go?” No one knowsWhen youre moving back and forthDo you think or
Spread your wings before it breaksSpread the word before its too lateNo one cares
These men fight for their rightsCause they never doubt themselvesWith no boundaries and their
I have seen these monstersFilthy little liarsSlaves of ill desiresTrapping me in nightmaresAlways a
MoveShut upMoveWake upMoveStand upMoveExpose them nowThese MatadorsCan you feel the eyes seeking for liesCan
You pile up these bricks of your faithBrick by brick but you feel theseWhispers
Cant you see what youve madeWithin this choice of lifeWhere is your boundaryBetween what
Uneasiness inside meCounts the many sleepless nightsWhere the time splits up with motionInto present
My sadness still reminds me of my past feelingTo discard my own scarsRight here,
This is the last time she would runFrom the pain she has obtainedIts time
Migratory birds, they know the wayThey have no words, they have no mapsBut we
You want an answer from othersDid you find out what you want?You will leave
When youre backing off‘Cuz youre not enoughFace the storm carry on just keep carrying
When I get closerDont you go furtherI just want to hold your handYoure nameless